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fruit press and fruit crusher range​​​​​​​Our range of fruit presses and fruit crushers includes all of the cider press kit you might want to brew from home including spindle presses from six litres right up to twenty two litres. In addition to the oak spindle presses, we also stock aluminium fruit presses. These are ideal if you are looking for a small tabletop fruit press as these are just 1.5litre or 5.5 litre presses. We also stock seven litre fruit crushers, pulp straining bags to complete your DIY cider press kit. Also, check out our How to use your Fruit Press guide here.

On all of our presser and crusher ranges, we offer ​​​​FREE DELIVERY (UK Mainland only*) as well as a 30 Day money back guarantee on your order. ​​​​​​​*This Excludes the Scottish Highlands. For deliveries to the Scottish Highlands and to Ireland and the rest of the world, please contact us for a quote.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

See our complete fruit press range below.

Our Cider Fruit Press Range includes oak Spindle Presses, from small tabletop fruit presses with a 6 litre capacity, up to 12 litre, 16 litre, 18 litre and 22 litre spindle presses. If you're after something smaller again, we have table top fruit presses for sale, also.

Our Aluminium and Stainless steel Fruit Presses come in 1.5L and 5.5L sizes. These small fruit presses are perfect for pressing small quantities of fresh pulped fruit into juice. These small fruit presses are easily dismantled for cleaning. Cage dimensions are12cm x 12cm. The average yield for each pressing is around 300-400ml, though this is partly dependant on the type of fruit you're using. ​​​​​​​These are ideal for use in your own kitchen. If you are interested in a DIY cider press kits, we supply fruit crushers, as well pulp bags. We would recommend looking at our online How To Guide to get you started. You may also want to pick up some of our pulp straining bags to help you along the way.

We stock a  top quality 7L FRUIT CRUSHER, which comes with FREE DELIVERY, right to your door. ​​​​​​​Our stainless steel crushers are made for use with a wide range of fruits, though usually used as part of the cider making process with apples, to be pulped prior to pressing. They can also be used with wine presses to pulp your gapes ready for pressing. This is an essential piece of kit for the two-step process to produce freshly pressed juice. Your fruits need to be crushed first, then pressed. And that's where our fruit crusher comes in so handy. Once crushed, the apple or grape pulp can be pressed in your wine press or cider press.

Don't forget about the free delivery on many of our crusher and press products, and if you have any technical questions about the fruit press or fruit crusher products, or a query about delivery, just give us a call during business hours. Click here for our contact page