There is a 2-step process to produce freshly pressed juice.

Firstly your fruits need to be crushed, the best way to get the juice out is to pulp first which will make them easier to compress and squeeze in the fruit press. Our fruit crusher is the perfect tool for this.

Secondly, the crushed fruit pulp is placed into a fruit press for pressing.

Process for producing freshly pressed apple juice for drinking or for making cider

You can make cider from pretty much any variety of apple. They could be cookers, eaters or a blend of many different types. In an ideal world, cider apples would be best but again any type of apple can make you a nice, real home-made cider!

Discard any rotten or nasty looking apples, wash and cut away any bad bits. Halve or quarter your apples and place into the fruit crusher’s stainless-steel hopper.

Turn the handle collecting the pulp in a bucket

A fruit press will be required for the next steps

Place your pulped fruit into the pulp bag in the fruit press cage. Then place the 2 semi-circular wooden blocks on top of the filled pulp bag, followed by the padding blocks, then the pressure plate.

Screw the pressing mechanism down onto the blocks thus pressing the fruit, and squeezing out all that valuable juice.