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pulley clothes airer​​​​​Welcome to the home of the Cottage Maid® - The Largest Range of Ceiling Mounted Pulley Airers in the UK, In Stock. ​​Easy to install, a Pulley Clothes Airer maximises the space in your home. A Cottage Maid Pulley Clothes Airer is an alternative to using a tumble dryer and can be used doors when the British weather is doing it's thing... They dry laundry more efficiently than free standing clothes airers. This product is based on the design of traditional Victorian hanging pulley clothes airers. The design is ceiling mounted and uses natural rising warm air in your home. This means lower energy bills when drying your laundry. Stylish, great use of space and environmentally friendly! This traditional hanging clothes airer hangs from your ceiling to let you dry your washing indoors. If you don’t think you have room for a traditional clothes airer, then this could be the answer. If you’ve got a ceiling, you’ve got room for a pulley clothes airer. Based on traditional wooden airers, made from cast iron and wooden laths, the pulley clothes airer attaches securely to your ceiling. It hangs out of the way until you use the pulley to bring your clothes back down to a convenient height. Just raise the laths back up again and your clothes will dry without using a penny of electricity.

Our ranges Emperor Clothes Airer Range, Deluxe​ Pulley Clothes Airers in Chrome, Brass and Bronze and Standard Pulley Clothes Airer rangeg