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ceiling pot racksCottage Maid® - Wall Mounted Pot Racks are traditional pan racks made from wooden laths to hang over your work surface. Our hanging pot racks are mounted with chrome, bronze or brass fixtures in the Delux Range, 6 colour finishes in the Standard Range, with a choice of widths and a choice of wood finishes. Our Cottage Maid® - Ceiling Pot Racks are Victorian style overhead pot racks. Select the size and finish you want and we'll do the rest. All of our Ceiling Pot Racks or Pan Hanging Rack comes in either 5,6 or 7 lath variations with Chrome, Brass or Bronze fixings in the Delux Range and 6 colour finishes in the Standard Range. All of our wall mounted  Pan Hanging Racks come with a choice of 5 or 7 laths, with the rack finished in Chrome, Brass or  Bronze in the Delux Range, or a choice of 5, 6 or 7 laths with 6 colour finishes in the Standard Range. ​​​​​​